Watching with interest - Dominic Calvert-Lewin

I was watching with interest the opening day fixtures of the Premier League and was delighted to see one of my former young players, Dominic Calvert-Lewin, play an important role with an assist in Wayne Rooneys wonderful winning goal for Everton against Stoke City at Goodison Park.

It was a superb cross into the danger area, between the 6 yard box and penalty spot, from Dominic for Wayne to score, however you must applaud the role that Wayne Rooney has in scoring the only and winning goal in the game on the stroke of half time.

Firstly, Rooney works hard and wins the ball for Everton in his own half before laying the ball off and moving quickly into an advanced position between the lines of the Stoke City midfield and back line, offering himself as a link in building the attacking play.

Next watch for Rooneys scanning to see what is around him before carefully passing the ball first time to a team mate.

Rooney then offers himself in support of his team mate as an option.

Once the Everton player, Sandro, passes the ball out to Calvert-Lewin in a wide position, Rooney realises he is no longer required in the position he is in. Look at his desire to move quickly into a space in the penalty area, passing the Stoke midfield and defenders and putting himself in a position for the team to score.

Now Calvert-Lewin delivers an outstanding right footed cross for Rooney to attack. I must say the power he generated and the direction of the header was from top draw and goes down as my favourite goal of the opening weekend of the Premier League season.

The celebrations and emotion of Rooney, the Everton supporters and players highlights why we love football so much and the happiness it can bring.

Congratulations on scoring on your return to Everton and thank you Wayne Rooney for allowing us to see a master at work.

Will be watching with interest how young Dominic Calvert-Lewins career progresses. It's certainly a positive benefit that he will be training with, watching and learning from one of the best forwards our country has ever produced.