Opening Day Memories - Sheffield United - Nightmare 1st game in charge !

You want to get off to a good start in your 1st game as Manager of a new club. What you don't need is a 4-0 thumping !

That's exactly what happened in my 1st game in charge of Sheffield United on the 8th August 2015.

A 4-0 defeat away at Gillingham.

I always say to my players the first person I look at following a game in assessing the performance and result is me.

'Look in the Mirror'  ask yourself the question, what could I have done to help the team ?

As Manager I am responsible and accountable for the teams performance and result of the game. My role is to prepare the team, make decisions for the benefit of the team during the game and the situations that arise, the game management. 

Set plays play a major part in the winning and losing of games. Whether they be from - Corners, Free Kicks or Throw-ins. Being able to keep the ball out at one end and stick it in at the other end is important, over a third of all goals come from set plays.

As Manager you have to face the media very quickly following a game. Emotions are very high after a heavy defeat like this one at Gillingham. Being able to control those emotions and say it as you see it is important.